Ashdown farm

Wow! what can I say about this place? Sure it’s tricky to get to, the track in is bumpy and long but once there you come across one of the most unique venues in the UK. The location, setting and track are just on an epic scale!

The track, the majority of the main track is an old school natural terrain course that winds its way through a stunning broadleaf woodland, there are a few smashing tabletop jumps that are quite forgiving but good enough to give experienced riders a LOT of fun. Loads of twists and turns then suddenly the wood clears and you have the rollercoaster section, great fun sweeping hills and bends before heading back into the trees for more twists, turns and jumps. Dotted about the site are plenty of single track bits and bobs to keep everyone happy.

This is one track you will question your sanity on the drive in but after half a lap you will have no doubt about the choice to come! Every time round the loop you WILL think to yourself, “oh, go on, just ONE more lap!” it really is that addictive! There are 2 entirely separate kids tracks, one is nice and simple to let people build up a little confidence and the other is a very cool little MX track with small jumps and berms that will keep the younger and less confident riders happy all weekend! both novice and intermediate tracks have the added benefit of being fully visible at all times so you can keep and eye on your kids improvement without moving!

Ashdown farm is just a few miles South of Didcot in Oxfordshire, I know that will put some folk off but I would definitely urge you to come along, the campsite is a great spot up on the ridgeway and the track is nothing short of one of the best tracks in the UK.